Neville Farmer
“It’s the Lib Dems who are fighting for our jobs and business in Europe” Neville Farmer December 2012


The rise of UKIP should not be ignored by the Liberal Democrats. Although it is the Tories who are most concerned about the Europhobic party’s recent successes, the media’s total inability to give a balanced view of our EU membership means voters of all persuasions have turned against Europe. This is not the usual voter apathy. This is voters tilting at windmills, believing in some vast bureaucratic monster out for UK destruction. It will cost everyone votes and, if UKip succeed in taking more seats in the 2014 Euro elections, will be disastrous for British influence, business, economy and jobs.

Once again, while Ed Milliband plays silly political games over Europe and the Tories are running round like headless chickens, sacrificing our influence at the EU table to appease their right wing, it’s the Lib Dems who are fighting for our jobs and business in Europe. A recent poll suggested that over half of Britons want to leave the EU. Ask them why and they’ll spout the headline lies UKip have sold to them. Ask them if they’d like to give up any powers over EU policies or 3.5 million UK jobs and they rapidly change their tunes. We have a duty to protect British interests by staying in and fighting for a better EU.

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